Here you can find data used in the book for examples. All of them can be found in R-packages.

Data (source) Short descripton Length (range)Timing R package Data name
AustralianWineAustralian wine sales: thousands of litres. By wine makers in bottles ≤ 1 litre176monthlyRSSAAustralianWine
CO2Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 in parts per million (ppm)468monthlyDATASETSco2
White dwarfTime variation of the intensity of the variable white dwarf star PG1159-035618each 10 secondsSSABOOKdwarfst
ProductionCruide oil and natural gas plant liquids production300monthlySSABOOKoilproduction
Tree ringsTree ring indices, Douglas fir, Snake river basin, U S A669annualSSABOOKdftreerings
MotorVehicleTotal domestic and foreign car sales in the USA in thousands541monthlyRSSAMotorVehicle
US unemploymentU.S. male and female unemployment figures in thousands (16-19 years and from 20 years)408monthlyRSSAUSUnemployment
HotelHotel occupied room av.168monthlySSABOOKhotel
PayNSAAll Employees: Total Nonfarm Payrolls913monthlySSABOOKpaynsa
ElecAustralian electricity production476monthlyFMAelec
CowtempDaily morning temperature of a cow, measured at 6.30am75dailyFMAcowtemp
GlonassGlonass time corrections104832each 5 minutesSSABOOKg15
SunspotsMean total sunspot number316annualSSABOOKsunspot2
BookingsNumbers of hotel bookings through a particular web-site4344hourlySSABOOKbookings
EuStockMarketsClosing prices of major European stock indices1860dailyDATASETSEuStockMarkets
MarsAn image of Mars performed by Pierre Thierry258 × 275imageRSSAMars
Brecon BeaconsThe test DTM of a region in South Wales, UK80 × 100imageSSABOOKbrecon
KruppelRegularized data of gene expression for the “Krüppel” gene (a drosophila embryo)200 × 200imageSSABOOKkruppel
Monet”A preview of the painting of Claude Monet called “Study of a Figure Outdoors: Woman with a Parasol, facing left”, 1886400 × 263 × 3imageSSABOOKmonet

“ssabook” Package

In order to use some of the data mentioned above, you need to install ssabook package. The simplest way to do that is to install it from R using Hadley’s package devtools by running the following code:


Be careful, devtools package has some additional dependences. The other way to install the package is to build it from the source code.